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Article Submission Form
Academic Articles have been published in the journal section of selected law reports for the last few decades. A large number of the articles published over the years, have been authored by some of the most eminent jurists of Pakistan, and are as such an invaluable resource for the legal and academic community.
Articles published in the PLD group of law reports are considered to be the very best of legal scholarship in Pakistan. We encourage academics, research students as well as practicing lawyers to submit original research articles/essays for publication. Preference will be given to those submissions that delve upon issues which represent new areas wherein research is scant and those which offer an exhaustive exposition and analysis of complex contemporary legal issues.
Submissions can be made by Filling Out the form or by emailing to us at info@pldpublishers.com, along with providing your full name, address and contact number.
Please be sure to read the Guidelines for authors before submitting your work. Please also note that due to the extraordinarily high number of submissions, it often not possible for us to publish articles and if an academic article is not published, the same is not necessarily a reflection upon the quality of that article.
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Articles should not normally exceed 5,000 words in length. Exceptionally, where the nature of the topic warrants it, we will be prepared to consider longer articles.
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